Enter to The Forest Dedicated Server

  2. theforest.servegame.com
  3. TheNetzuloForest (Search on client, dedicate served named )

How to create your own server ?

  • Go to steam, ( you need to buy The forest License)
  • Open Library –> Tools
  • Search The Forest Dedicated Server
  • Install it!
  • Now start it from steam by first time to generate files

How to start ?

I created my own bat file what start dedicated server using params

@echo OFF
echo "[TheNetzuloForest]: Server folder -> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TheForestDedicatedServer"
echo "[TheNetzuloForest]: Encendiendo Servidor"
TheForestDedicatedServer.exe -dedicated -serverip -serversteamport 8766 -servergameport 27015 -serverqueryport 27016 -servername TheNeztuloForest -serverplayers 8 -difficulty Normal -inittype New -slot 1 -serverSteamAccount XXXSTEAM_TOKENXXXXX -showLogs on
echo "[TheNetzuloForest]: Apagando Servidor"

DOWNLOAD SCRIPT HERE : http://www.netzulo.com/?product=script-the-forest-start-script-windows

TOKEN ? Where i can find ?

  1. Go to http://steamcommunity.com/dev/managegameservers
  2. Generate token, and copy it into script
  3. Change IP address

Just… double click, and welcome, you are TheForest Server Manager Right now!